BLOOMING GREETING CARDS | 5"x5" folded | Pack of 8

Introducing the "BLOOMING TREES” greeting card box set!

Blank inside for your message.

Our new Trees Have Feelings folded cards are printed on a luxurious Savoy cotton paper that’s perfect for sending and framing.

Each box set comes with eight folded 5”x5” cards/envelopes and includes two of each of our blooming Trees & Stories — Miss Pearl, Harper & Poppy, Butterscotch, and Madeleine. 

MISS PEARL:Miss Pearl heard that the opposite of depression is expression, so she unleashed."

HARPER & POPPY:Harper? Yes, Poppy. Do you promise we’ll always grow together? Of course, Poppy. I’ve been telling you this for a hundred years. Thank you, Harper. You’re welcome, my love.

BUTTERSCOTCH:Butterscotch was never one to hide her feelings and that could go either way but, boy, when she was dizzy with joy she bloomed into quite the bouquet

MADELEINE:Her spirit rains in full color. There's nothing she wouldn't do. Madeleine holds her own, but she also holds you too.

  • 100% pure cotton
  • bright white
  • luxurious weight & texture
  • includes envelopes
  • cards are hand-wrapped with love

We use only recycled and sustainable materials in our packaging.

  • Printing & Shipping: US Only. Print: up to 8 business days. $2.50 shipping & handling per box.
  • For more info: Check our FAQ page.