ELOISE | "If ever there was a time, Eloise thought, it must be now."

IMOGENE | "When the first droplets of rain tapped on Imogene’s shoulders, she'd smile knowing the magic was about to begin."

JODENE | "Words matter to Jodene. All she asks is that you choose them carefully."

JUNE | "June was soft & strong, pretty & brave, breezy & focused."

JUNEBUG"Somewhere in the middle of her story Junebug decided to set herself free."

OPHELIA | "Ophelia didn't need to see her roots to know they were there."

SIR ROBERT | "Young Sir Robert often felt as though he'd been chewed up and spat out. Nevertheless, he persisted."

SKYLAR | "When Skylar felt her anxiety coming as fast as a speeding train, she’d close her eyes and say, 'One, two three, trees," and she’d feel a whole lot better."

THOMAS | "For Thomas, the joy was in the growing when others didn't think he could." 

VERONIQUE | "Veronique had strength no one could see and that was her secret weapon."


ADELAIDE | "Adelaide always tried to do the right thing, but sometimes her world spun faster than she could manage. 'I did my very best," she'd simply say. And tomorrow's yet another day.' "

ANI | "Ani felt the breath and tears of the world."

BERDENE"Over the years, Berdene learned that her greatest struggles often bore the most beautiful fruit."

CARNIVALE | "Carnivale felt the heavy burden of the rain until the blush of morning revealed his deepest colors."

GIGI | "Gigi wept, but she would never be alone"

JELLY BEAN | "Just when Jelly Bean felt hopeless, she remembered she was loved and that made her blush which made her colors blossom earlier than they were supposed to. Oooops!"

JEZEBEL | "Just when Jezebel thought she had no more hearts left to cry, she grew that many more."

KEVIN | "Kevin Held His Breath as the train rushed through. he wondered how and he wondered who he'd have to be just to be with you."

MISS PEARL | "Miss Pearl heard that the opposite of depression was expression, so she unleashed."


TULIP | "Tulip had a lot on her mind. Nothing was easy ever, but she found moments and strung them together long enough to become her necklace of hope."


BUTTERSCOTCH | Butterscotch was never one to hide her feelings and that could go either way but, boy, when she was dizzy with joy she bloomed into quite the bouquet”.

CHERRY MOON | "Cherry Moon loved her name because cherries and moons just happened to be her favorite things." 

GEORGIE | "Lionhearted, happy and wise, Georgie enchanted even butterflies. She grew hearts in the breeze among the other trees seeing each day as a splendid surprise."

MAMA FIRENZA | “No one messed with Mama Firenza. She grew magical rubies that bloomed in her soul surrounded by diamonds and her purple stole. She was a force of fire, a testament of might, her retractable thistles emerged only at night. She was the greatest protector of those she held tight. She was a gem, a diamond, a mother, you see. And yes, of course, she was a lovely tree.”

MATHILDA | "Mathilda was more shy than most, but when she giggled the whole world smiled."

MILLIE | "Millie swore she heard a bustle in her hedgerow and rejoiced that her songbirds were home at last."

PHINEAS | "Phineas was dapper there was no doubt but his joy was hidden, no truth could he tout. “Be rugged! Be robust!” his father would shout shout shout. Until one day…Moonbeams met Rainbows such joy did they spout that the doors they flung open and Phinney came out out out!”

RHONDA | "Rhonda knew the old saying 'bored people are boring.' So when she’d slip into the doldrums, she’d put on her pearls and sing a little diddy."

SALLY | "When Sally left the beauty parlor, she'd give herself a whistle."

WAFFLES | "Waffles was never afraid to push what was possible to stretch her imagination and to share her originality with the world."


AURELIA | "Of course Aurelia often stumbled and fell, but she still always declared she had a 100% lovely life."

AVA LA RUE | "When Ava La Rue blushed, everyone knew she was in love. And lately, she had been blushing quite a bit."

BLANCHE | "Blanche was listening closely for a perfect little story that could reach deep into her heart and kick up a few tears."

CHERYL | "Sometimes Cheryl loved so hard it made her cry."

HARPER & POPPY | Harper? - Yes, Poppy. -Do you promise we’ll always grow together?- Of course, Poppy. I’ve been telling you this for a hundred years. -Thank you, Harper. -You’re welcome, my love.”

JULES | "Jules knew the risks, but he loved with abandon anyway."

LOVE | "Love went home before the parties ended and left quite a mess and never apologized. But she was always forgiven and invited again."

PIPER | "Piper knows her fallen leaves will catch the breeze and settle where more love ought to be."

SOPHENE | "Sophene filled her world with love, laughter, family, and all that her precious heart could hold."


BIANCA LEE | "Bianca Lee loves curse words & country music."

GRACIE | "Gracie glittered like gold. But only when she felt like it."

GRETA VON SNOW | "Greta Von Snow has big feelings and doesn't give a flying fuck if that makes you uncomfortable. Have a nice day."

HEATHER | "Heather disliked being called temperamental. She was simply passionate."

MARCIA | "Have you any idea the burden of being this spectacular?" Marcia asks.

OLIVE | "Olive is wicked smart and (clearly) super sexy but mess with her and she'll tear you from limb to limb. Have a nice day."

PIXIE NICKLEDIMER | "Sure, Pixie Nickledimer had competition, but with this fresh new perm and a therapeutic dose of Lexapro, she was a tiger unleashed."

WILHEMINA | "Wilhemina refuses to be chipper today. She feels grumpy and sad and wants you to know so maybe you'll say something to cheer her up."

ZOE | "Zoe didn’t care what you thought. She knew she was a badass."


APRIL | "Just when April thought she couldn't. She did."

EMMA BLU | "Firmly rooted through the tempest, her heartbeat shining through, clouds encircle her like angels, for this is Emma Blu."

NALA | "Nala sat on a giant's shoulder to talk to the clouds, sailed aboard a pirate ship to chat with the sea, and knelt in the lavender to breathe in the world."

PUMPKIN | "Whenever Pumpkin felt afraid of the dark, she remembered her best friend, the Moon."

RUBY | "Ruby was windswept, burled and scarred. She wore her age like a crown and kept her stories with the winds. Someday, she thought, I’ll share them with you but for now I must simply be."

SAGE | "When Sage finally tired of doling out free advice, she’d simply respond, “When in doubt, use glitter.” That seemed to solve most everything."

THEODORE | "Theodore often struggled with yesterday and tomorrow, so he dug his roots deeper into today."