The Artist

Tracy Mazuer holding coffee mug 
Tracy Mazuer spent the last 25 years of her life tearing her hair out in Hollyweird as a television executive producer, writer, and director. From Bachelors and Bachelorettes to Deals and No Deals, from the Littlest of People to Biggest of Losers, from Millionaire Matchmakers to Long Lost Families, from A-list celebs to D-list and beyond, Tracy’s run the gamut. 

One recent and fateful day, while producing yet another unwieldy show, Tracy decided that instead of tearing out what remained of her hair, she would take breaks, breathe, and doodle on her desk calendar. 

Here’s what happened....




Trees had emerged that expressed exactly what she was feeling — chaos, frustration, with bits of light and joy. There were so many feelings packed into these doodled trees!
So, as any newly-minted artist does, Tracy tore it off of that desk calendar, brought it home, and magnetized it to the fridge. Her husband immediately declared her a “Toddler Savant” and Tracy's foray into the forest took root. She's now officially left “the biz” and is combining her storytelling skills with her illustrations to bring Trees Have Feelings to life. 

Tracy holds a Bachelors degree in Journalism and a Masters in Education where she studied the effects of autobiographical writing with urban youth.
She's been married for 34-years to her college sweetheart — that guy who called her the Toddler Savant. They live with their two rescue-mutts, LizzieBelly and Hazelnut, in Bellingham, Washington. They have a son who is an artist in Seattle.