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  • AURELIA | "Of course Aurelia often stumbled and fell, but she still always declared she had a 100% lovely life."
  • BIANCA LEE | "Bianca Lee loves curse words & country music."
  • BOB | "Bob dreams of having a man purse."
  • BRIGITTE | "Oh, how the wind blew when Brigitte walked through. She was, after all, one hot number."
  • CALLAHAN | "Callahan loves to love and she does it beautifully."
  • CHERRY MOON | "Cherry Moon loved her name because cherries and moons just happened to be her favorite things."
  • CHERYL | "Sometimes Cheryl loved so hard it made her cry."
  • DELPHINE | "You silly clouds," Delphine would say. "To get your daily kisses, you must drop down to the tips so my lips can touch the sky."
  • GRACIE | "Gracie glittered like gold. But only when she felt like it."
  • HEATHER | "Heather disliked being called temperamental. She was simply passionate."
  • IMOGENE | "When the first droplets of rain tapped on Imogene’s shoulders, she'd smile knowing the magic was about to begin."
  • JEZEBEL "Just when Jezebel thought she had no more hearts left to cry, she grew that many more."
  • JULES | "Jules knew the risks, but he loved with abandon anyway."
  • JUNE | "June was soft & strong, pretty & brave, breezy & focused."
  • KEVIN | "Kevin Held His Breath as the train rushed through. he wondered how and he wondered who he'd have to be just to be with you."
  • MATHILDA | "Mathilda was more shy than most, but when she giggled the whole world smiled."
  • NALA | "Nala sat on a giant's shoulder to talk to the clouds, sailed aboard a pirate ship to chat with the sea, and knelt in the lavender to breathe in the world."
  • NICOLETTE | "Nicolette blurts out things like 'ZUT ALORS!' and 'SACREBLEU!' to remind you she is VERY French."
  • OPHELIA | "Ophelia didn't need to see her roots to know they were there."
  • RHONDA | "Rhonda knew the old saying 'bored people are boring.' So when she’d slip into the doldrums, she’d put on her pearls and sing a little diddy."
  • SAGE | "When Sage finally tired of doling out free advice, she’d simply respond, “When in doubt, use glitter.” That seemed to solve most everything."
  • SALLY | "When Sally left the beauty parlor, she'd give herself a whistle."
  • SIR ROBERT | "Young Sir Robert often felt as though he'd been chewed up and spat out. Nevertheless, he persisted."
  • SKYLAR | "When Skylar felt her anxiety coming as fast as a speeding train, she’d close her eyes and say, 'One, two three, trees," and she’d feel a whole lot better."
  • SOPHENE | "Sophene filled her world with love, laughter, family, and all that her precious heart could hold."
  • VERONIQUE"When the Prana came, Veronique was ready."
  • ZOE"Zoe didn’t care what you thought. She knew she was a badass."




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