April 27, 2021


The next best thing to doodling my trees is naming them and hearing their stories — it’s ridiculously fun and they come into the world with clear minds of their own. Unless it’s a specific commission, I don’t set out to draw the Antonio or Agatha Tree. The Trees emerge as do their thoughts. Yea, it’s weird and awesome and outside of my realm of understanding. I just roll with it.

This particular tree emerged in the feminine with a fiery, heartbeat of small, ruby red leaves. Her branches were encircling and protective. The thicker lines that created her base were über strong and grounded. 

Before I could even take a moment to think of her name, she yelled at me, MAMA FIRENZA! Alright, lady! I hear ya! So she's clearly a mom who loves lasagna and Limoncello, but why was she demanding this particular name? (It really is weird how this happens.)

Hmmmm…..Well, Firenza is Florence in Italian. That, I know. And when you write out Firenza, it starts with Fire. There’s a fire in her belly. Wait. Let’s go back to Florence. Florence Nightengale. Hey! She was a big time nurse, right? I Googled Florence Nightengale (don’t judge me). Holy &$#@ she’s BEYOND the coolest woman ever. (I went to Catholic school, I should know this.) Go ahead, revisit Ms. Nightengale. She was a badass!

So, thank you, MAMA FIRENZA for your cleverness. You arrived in perfect time for Mother’s Day and to remind us of the tireless work our own Florence Nightengales who are still on the front lines of this pandemic. 

Mama Firenza, please forgive me. I'm so sorry I questioned you. I was confused and didn’t understand. I trusted you, but had to verify.

So please welcome this fact-checked mom, nurse, and protector to the forest. Maybe we should all share some pizza under her branches. I hear she loves a good thin slice.

Happy Mother’s Day & Thank You Nightengales Everywhere,


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