The Feelings Guide


Sometimes Trees are a wee bit naughty and here you’ll find some of their inner-most secrets and feelings. Who doesn’t need an outspoken tree in their world? See who you connect to! 




Loving yourself and others is at the core of this collection. Often marked by growing and falling hearts, a “Love Tree” gives you and everyone you love a much-deserved daily kiss and a sweet message about love. Who needs a kiss today? I know I do!



Perfect for kids and adults alike, the Empowerment Trees share their stories of fortitude through everyday struggles. Sometimes they feel anxious or have made a mistake, but Trees know just how to help themselves through, and they often give the best advice!



Trees definitely speak to the magic of Hope and it's always a good time to practice our Hope muscle. Can you think of someone in your life who could use a message of Hope right now? Maybe it’s you? 



Perhaps the word that best describes the feelings of all trees in the universe is Joy. Trees equal Joy and both are things we can’t live without. Where would you like to spread some joy today? It could be in your living room or your best friend’s kitchen. Joy belongs everywhere! 



Now more than ever we need to be surrounded by calming Trees that speak to the stars, clouds, and sky.  Trees in the Zen Collection are a daily reminder to breathe, stay focused, and lean into the beauty and magic that surrounds us. The divine is ever present in the nature outside and within.  Inhale and see who speaks to you.